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By GoodFellas Granite And Marble Fabrication, Mar 7 2017 10:00PM

Tips to consider when planning your kitchen remodel:

• When planning your new kitchen, think about how YOU will use the space, customize the kitchen to fit your lifestyle. For example, turn an old breakfast nook into a mud room.

• Consider various types of lighting. LIke adding a dimmable under cabinet lighting that makes cooking so much more enjoyable. Kitchens just feel warm and welcoming when they have various forms of lighting to bounce the light around at different levels of view.

• Add open shelving. Open shelving is very popular for making as it makse a kitchen feel more spacious.

Visit GoodFellas Granite, LLC's showroom in Bernville and let the team halp you create a kitchen of your dreams!

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Lighting Under Cabinets
Lighting Under Cabinets
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