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New Granite Countertops & More

No matter what type of work you're looking for, we stock various levels of granite, marble, quartzite, and quartz to fit every person's style, color, taste, and budget.

Make the right choice for your countertops. Our products offer:

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• Durability
• Ease of
• Variety
• Increased value
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A very hard, crystalline, igneous rock, gray to pink in color,composed of feldspar, quartz, and lesser amounts of dark ferromagnesium materials. Gneiss and black “granites” are similar to true granites in structure and texture, but are composed of different minerals.



A metamorphic crystalline rock composed predominantly of crystalline grains of calcite, dolomite, or serpentine, and capable of taking a polish.



A silicon dioxide mineral that occurs in colorless and transparent or colored hexagonal crystals or in crystalline masses. One of the hardest minerals of abundance in stones such as sandstone, granite, and quartzite



A dense, hard metamorphic quartz based stone typically formed from sandstone. In some deposits, intrusion of minerals during the formation process creates unusual coloration.

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