January 25, 2017

Around The World Wednesday

African Ivory granite is known for its warm rustic color and veining. It is mined in South Africa. The material can be paired nicely with several different cabinet colors, from light to dark wood, white and antique white to nearly black cabinets. African ivory granite is certain to make a visual impact to any kitchen style. Stop into GoodFellas Granite, LLC and view this gorgeous stone. #granite #stone #rosegold #africa #ivory #warmgranite #aroundtheworld #fabrication #countertops #kitchen #bat..
January 17, 2017

Transformation Tuesday

GoodFellas Granite, LLC Transformation of the Month GoodFellas Granite used vintage granite with large quartz markings to transform a kitchen in Leesport, Pennsylvania. The vintage granite was an excellent choice to accompany the home’s dark cabinets. Vintage is a unique stone that adds character to practically any space. It is made of earth tone colors including rust, beige, black, white, and brown. The coloring makes vintage granite very versatile. It is a great choice for dark brown cabin..
January 10, 2017

Granite Countertops Deliver Longevity to Your Kitchen

Granite, the same stone that portions of ancient Egyptian pyramids are composed of, is ubiquitous in the kitchen for good reason. This stout stone that weathered millennia can easily stand up to kitchen use and abuse. What is granite? Granite is a natural stone, composed of at least 20% quartz as well as mica and feldspar. Color choices span the rainbow, from a monochromatic slab to bold patterns. Granite comes in many finished surfaces such as polished, honed, brushed, leather, flamed, and ant..
January 5, 2017

FAQ Granite Maintenance

I heard that granite requires regular maintenance and has to be sealed often? The days of granite needing regular maintenance are in the past as we now have amazingly effective and long-term impregnating sealers at our disposal. Granite is the easiest of all countertop materials to maintain. The key to a lasting shine is to keep your granite countertops clean and free of chemical build-up. Do not use trendy cleaners or polishes on granite. Clean your stone with warm water and, if necessary, add..